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One can make calls from prison at a lower cost. Prisons have special phone service systems that have phone call restrictions such as call monitoring, blocking and recording facilities. In order to make cheaper calls from prison one should know the kind of system that the jail is using. You contact the prison directly with a phone call or visit their website and send an email to know about the kind of system that the jail is using.

The cost of a call is often set by the institution itself, based on the cost of maintaining and operating the inmate telephone system.

The most widely-used calling options are:-

  • Prepaid Phone Cards – These are available from particular inmate telephone systems which often work out to be cheaper than making collect calls.
  • Debit Phone Cards – Are available from particular inmate telephone systems. There are no upfront payments and calls are billed afterward.
  • Collect Calls – Call charges are reversed and billed to the person being called. While these calls are often the most expensive option, they are also the most common.
  • Standard Phone Cards – In rare cases, some institutions allow the use of standard calling cards.

However calls can be made at a lower rate especially long distance by the use of the following services:

  • Local Phone Numbers Call Forwarded To Other Numbers
  • Calling Card Services
  • Conference Numbers

However it is recommended, that you check out the legality of such methods before implementing them in the prison.

Local Phone Numbers Call Forwarded To Other Numbers

This is a process wherein you can get a phone number in any city and have that forwarded to another phone number automatically. Generally these forwards have low calling rates so you can save on long distance calls since a phone number local to the prison can be setup that forwards to a national or international phone number. In many cases, these numbers can forward to blocked numbers as well.

One can set up a phone number with eVoice in the same area code as the prison. When a prisoner makes a call to this number (billed as a local call), the service forwards the call to any phone number anywhere else. Inmate pays local call rate but gets long distance services. For more details you can check on:

Another way in which an inmate calls the local Skype number and the call is forwarded with Skype to a Skype account on a mobile phone or computer anywhere in the country. One can set up a local Skype number through and click on Skype Number.

Another great service with call forwarding is TextNow. TextNow installs on cellular phones and is free. To download visit

Virtual Number Services: TextNow | Skype | PhonePower | eVoice | SpoofCard

Calling cards

Phone Cards can be used for cheap calling to access local numbers. Phone cards allow an inmate to call a phone card provider and make outgoing calls from the provider. One can setup a local number call forwarding to a phone card provider which would allow the inmate to make outgoing calls.

Some of the cheap phone cards are:

  • Phone Shark – This card shows up on your screen right after you pay for it, so that you can use it instantly. Also a copy emailed to you or you can check the site to get it. You can check the site: for more details.
  • Speedy Pin – This card is cheap for local and international calls. For more details on call charges visit :
  • Spoof Cards –Through Spoof Cards you can fake caller id, record your phone calls and change your voice. However it is better to check the legality with your prison before trying these cards.

Conference Numbers

Conference call numbers helps inmates to contact more than one person at a time on one phone call. An inmate can dial a number and interact with another who has dialled into the conference. This is also known as “Three-Way Call”.

Phone Power uses internet connect and has a 3way calling feature and virtual phone number support. It is also a cost effective way and helps in saving the phone bill.

You can work out the most affordable way to make calls from jail by trying out the most suitable services which works for you best.

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Virtual Number Services
TextNow | Skype | PhonePower | eVoice | SpoofCard

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